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Kitchen container

ACMH kitchen containers are equipped with professional equipment for meal preparation in harsh field conditions. Their layout combines cold preparation and cooking.


Designed for multimodal transport, they comply with ISO and CSC standards.


ACMH offers kitchen containers for 200 and 400 meal rations in ISO 20-foot containers. They require an external power source.


For kitchens with a capacity of 500 meal rations, ACMH offers a deployable twin 20-foot container kitchen setup that includes a power generator and a dishwasher.

Potable, gray, or black water tank container

ACMH's 1CX 20-foot ISO tank containers integrate a reservoir with a capacity of 3,000 to 8,000 litres for storing and transporting potable, grey, or black water. The container has multiple interfaces for filling or emptying water and for monitoring the liquid level inside.


Stacked above or next to an ISO 20-foot kitchen or toilet container, it ensures their water supply. Placed below or beside them, it collects grey or black water. It can be stacked up to 4 levels high. Designed for multimodal transport, they comply with ISO and CSC standards.

Life base container

Life base containers have been designed to provide the essentials for a working and living environment for 2 people in autonomy. The container offers two beds, a kitchenette, a small office, a shower cabin, and toilets.


It is insulated and air-conditioned and self-sufficient for water. It integrates two reservoirs of 4 m³ of drinking water and 4 m³ of wastewater. Designed for multimodal transport, they comply with CSC requirements.

Refrigerated container

ACMH offers several models of refrigerated containers with capacities of 1, 2, 5, 6, and 24 m³, with 1 or 2 compartments, with independent temperature settings ranging from -20°C to +4°C. They can be powered by a local electrical network or be autonomous thanks to an integrated diesel engine.


Depending on their format, they are designed to be able to be paired (secured together) by 2, 3, or 4 containers, while maintaining the footprint of a 20-foot ISO container. The containers can be transported empty or filled and remain compatible with CSC requirements for intermodal transport.

Sanitary container

Sanitary containers provide rapidly satisfactory hygiene conditions in rough terrain. They come in shower, toilet, or mixed types.


Shower-type containers house up to 8 shower cabins, sinks, as well as an autonomous hot water production system. Toilet-type containers are designed in unisex or mixed versions with two compartments with separate entrances. They house 4 to 5 toilet cabins, urinals, and sinks.


The interior space is ventilated and air-conditioned. They are installed in CSC certified ISO 20-foot 1C or 1CC type containers and are used with 1CX tank containers for drinking water or for wastewater recovery.

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Battery charging container – ATEX

This 10-foot or 20-foot container provides a mobile facility for charging lead batteries and complies with safety requirements. It allows for this delicate operation on a dock or unprepared terrain, away from a ship or infrastructure. The container meets fire and ATEX requirements.


It has a safety system with automation between ATEX ventilation, ATEX air conditioning, and a hydrogen detector to prevent incidents and report malfunctions.


Personnel have access to fire-resistant coverings, a first aid shower, and an eye wash station. Personal protective equipment and a first aid kit are available inside. Its inventory includes, among other things, a trolley suitable for transporting heavy batteries.


A ramp, the same width as the container and tiltable, facilitates access. The container is equipped with extensions and flexible hoses for most electrical and hydraulic connection configurations.

Telecommunications container

This class of ISO 20 containers allows for a multitude of configurations. The interior volume is divided between a technical compartment and an operational compartment.


The technical compartment can house a generator, air conditioners, a compressor, as well as specific telecommunications equipment such as antennas, cable reels, telescopic masts with their deployment mechanisms.


The container's welded mechanical structure has numerous fastening interfaces. The operational compartment provides the space and equipment needed for operators to carry out their missions.


The sizing of the air conditioning is crucial to dissipate the heat generated by electronic bays, inverters, and other equipment while maintaining thermal, airflow, and sound comfort for the operators.


The container, in transport configuration, complies with ISO 20-foot requirements and is compatible with intermodal transport.

Laundry container

The self-contained laundry container quickly provides significant washing and drying capacity on the theatre of operations. It is self-sufficient in energy thanks to an integrated electric generator but can be powered by the local electrical network. It is equipped with its own pump, hot water generator, and hydraulic connection network. It can be connected to either the network or a tank container.


It is equipped with several washing machines and dryers that can operate independently. Tables, irons, and laundry baskets are available. The container is CSC certified, complies with ISO 20-foot requirements, and is compatible with intermodal transport.

Workshop container

The workshop container can be customised for mechanical, hydropneumatic, or electronic work. It allows for a multitude of configurations, with or without a technical compartment, with double swing doors or a single sectional door, with lateral access, with tent or pergola-type extensions.


The container is quickly operational, either on its carrier or unloaded using its integrated electric jacks. The workshop container is self-sufficient in energy, includes a welding station, grinder, drill press, small metalworking tools, workbenches for tool and spare parts storage.


Heavy lifting (around 1000 kg) is possible thanks to overhead cranes or a telescopic rail with a hoist. The container complies with ISO 20-foot requirements and is compatible with intermodal transport.

Armoured guardhouse - Panic room

The armoured guardhouse provides a secure space for monitoring and working in an environment exposed to the risks of terrorist attacks or urban guerrilla warfare. It can also be configured as a "panic room."


The guardhouse is constructed from special steels, welded according to an appropriate procedure. The windows are armoured, and the glazed area is substantial, allowing for a wide field of vision. The interior air is filtered and air-conditioned.


Secure windows allow for document exchange with the outside. Openings for firearm barrels are provided on all sides, as well as an armoured emergency evacuation hatch. The guardhouse is transportable by lorry. It will be placed on a suitable foundation and ready for use.

Electromagnetic shielding shelter (faraday cage)

Manufactured in various configurations, the electromagnetic shielding shelter (Faraday cage) provides protection against electromagnetic fields (EMF). It can be part of the means to counter the TEMPEST threat. The structure is continuously welded to form a Faraday cage. Openings are protected to prevent wave penetration, using a honeycomb structure and conductive seals.

The interior volume is divided between a technical compartment, often with low EMF protection, and an operational compartment with more effective shielding. The operational compartment offers a protected space and the necessary equipment for operators to carry out their missions and electronic bays. The technical compartment houses air conditioners and various specific telecommunications equipment (antennas, masts, cable reels, etc.).

The container in transport configuration complies with ISO 20-foot requirements and is compatible with intermodal transport.

 Options offered with shelters

  1. Sunshade canvas.
  2. Levelling jacks for uneven terrain.
  3. Container unloading jacks without the need for a crane, with a height of 1.70 m:
    a. Electric jacks (24 V) with a horizontal maintenance centre during this operation, even on uneven terrain.

    b. Manual jacks with manual action. Both versions can be integrated into the structure or attached to the protruding ISO corners.

  4. Retractable inclined ladder for access to the shelter when it is used on a truck.
  5. Pioneer kit (choice of options with a sledgehammer, shovel, crowbar, ground stake, etc.).
  6. Exterior entrance door lighting.
  7. Extension for water and/or electricity supply.
  8. Flexible water tank for drinking water or container.
  9. Grey/black water tank in a 1CX septic container.
  10. Anti-freeze kit for flexible tank.
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