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Closed containers

The 'closed' type containers offer the advantage of a protected usable volume from weather conditions and handling shocks. They can be sealed and pressurised with neutral gas, allowing for long-term storage in a low-humidity atmosphere. Their system of seals and valves can withstand immersion up to 1 metre.


Missiles stored in these types of containers have a mass ranging from 600 kg to 900 kg, with a length between 4 and 5 metres and a diameter of around 40 cm. The fastening system will secure the missile inside even in the event of an unintended propulsion start.


Closed containers have a suitable suspension to ensure safe land, sea, or air logistics, protecting the ammunition from vibrations and shocks. They can be handled using slings or forklifts and are stackable.

Open containers

The 'open' type container is designed for the transport and storage of a firing tube loaded with its ammunition. Its shock absorbers have been sized to protect against impacts, falls, and vibrations. It can be equipped with appendages to position the ammunition vertically.


Handling can be done using slings or a forklift for stacking or bundling purposes.


Equipped with a watertight box for documents and tools, this type of container allows safe storage and transportation by land, sea, and air.

Nacelle containers

The nacelle container allows you to store equipment such as reconnaissance pods, targeting systems, additional fuel tanks, or any equipment to be installed under a fighter aircraft.


With its positioning trolley, it enables you to install your equipment under the wings or in the centre of the fuselage of the aircraft. Its steerable axle with a safety brake and its system for raising and lowering your nacelle guarantee maximum manoeuvrability and extremely quick installation.


Monitoring instruments, its desiccant reserve, and its damping system allow safe storage and transportation by land, sea, and air.

Standards most commonly used for weapon containers

Our containers meet various requirements depending on the customer's needs:

  • STANAG 4370, including AECTP 100, 200...,
  • MIL STD 810,
  • EN 1999-1-1,
  • EN 12195,
  • EN 16049,
  • EN 11242 / ULD Technical Manual IATA,
  • EN 14644,
  • CE Directive: 2006-42-EC.

The use of other standards is possible; please contact us.

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