Design and manufacturing of containers for humanitarian use

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Kitchen container

ACMH containers intended for humanitarian purposes are derived from versions designed for the military, with less stringent environmental constraints.


Our mobile kitchens allow for the quick preparation of meals or meal kits in the field. Designed for multimodal transport, they comply with ISO and CSC standards.


ACMH offers kitchen containers with a capacity of 250 to 500 rations in a 20-foot ISO container.

Potable, grey, or black water tank container

ACMH's 1CX 20-foot ISO tank containers incorporate an 8,000 L reservoir for storing and transporting potable, grey, or black water.


The containers have multiple interfaces for filling or evacuating wastewater and for monitoring the liquid level inside. Stacked above or beside an ISO 20-foot kitchen or toilet container, they provide water supply. Placed below or beside, they collect grey or black water.


They can be stacked full up to 4 levels. Designed for multimodal transport, they comply with ISO and CSC standards.

Life based container

Life base type containers are designed for conditions in humanitarian camps, to ensure minimum living conditions for 2 to 4 people.


The containers provide sleeping accommodations, a kitchenette, a shower cabin, and toilets. They are insulated and air-conditioned. They incorporate two 4 m³ tanks for potable water and wastewater.


They are designed for multimodal transport, including compliance with CSC requirements.

Refrigerated container

ACMH offers refrigerated containers in 10-foot or 20-foot sizes with 1 or 2 compartments, with independent temperature settings ranging from -20°C to +4°C. They can be powered by an optional local electrical network or made autonomous with the integration of a generator.


The containers can be transported empty or filled and remain compatible with CSC requirements for intermodal transport.

Sanitary container

Sanitary containers provide satisfactory hygiene conditions in the field. They come in shower, toilet, or mixed types. Shower-type containers can accommodate up to 8 shower cabins, sinks, as well as an autonomous hot water production system.


Toilet-type containers are designed in unisex or mixed versions with two compartments having separate entrances. They house 4 to 5 toilet cabins, urinals, and sinks.


The containers are equipped with extensions and flexible hoses to accommodate various configurations for their electrical and hydraulic connections.

Laundry container

Autonomous laundry containers quickly provide a significant capacity for washing and drying laundry. The sturdy structure of the containers secures the interior equipment during periods of non-use or storage/transit.


They can be powered by the local electrical grid or operate autonomously with an integrated electrical generator. They come equipped with their own pump, water heater, and hydraulic connection network.


Water needs can be met from a 1CX tank or another source. They are equipped with multiple washing machines and dryers that can operate independently. Optionally, they can be equipped with tables, irons, and laundry baskets.

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